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Project Management Services

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Our Project Management Services

Our IT project management services are designed to help you achieve your strategic objectives cheaper and faster than your competitors. As IT solutions continue to become increasingly more expensive, and harder to implement, the need for knowledgeable and competent project management becomes ever more paramount. X-Ray Technology Studios offers the experience and qualifications needed, to help your organization succeed in meeting its objectives.

We invite you to explore this section of our website; it provides a high-level overview of our qualifications and services. Understanding that every project/scenario is unique, we invite you to contact us and allow us the opportunity to learn what you are looking for.

Unsure what you are really looking for? Not a problem, many of our clients are unfamiliar with project management in general or are questioning if they really do need a project manager. If this is you, we still invite you to contact us, as we would like to hear about your unique effort/situation and we will  be happy to point you in the right direction…even if that is not through us!


Just Some of the Services that we Offer

these are just a snapshot of our services that our clients request, contact us to learn more

Consulting Services

Do you need dedicated project management support, or perhaps just an adviser to provide guidance? We can provide an on-site or remote project management consultant to provide the expertise and experience you need to meet your business objectives.

Project Planning

We fully understand that planning an IT project requires a dedicated effort and considerable resources. Our project managers can help make this process much simpler for you by working with your business and developing a plan that fits your organizational needs, objectives, and constraints.


We offer a variety of training services for all of the different aspects of project management. From general concepts to implementing agile methodologies, we use our wide range of experience to help you fully understand the principles of the various concepts to help you choose the correct strategy for your business.


Waterfall Project Management

Waterfall project management is considered by many to be the traditional approach to managing projects. In this method, projects are planned in their entirety, from start to finish; resulting in a very deliberate approach towards project management that encourages in-depth analysis, planning, and risk mitigation throughout.

Typically this approach is best suited for projects that can be defined fully and projects that have little to no risk of change to the original requirements throughout the development / implementation process.

We have been planning and managing waterfall projects, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand hours in effort for business and government organizations for 10+ years with great success!

Agile Project Management

Though agile project management methodologies have existed for many year, it was not until recently that these approaches to managing projects became mainstream, particularly in software development efforts. Unlike the traditional waterfall method, the agile method focuses on iterative releases of completed functionality over short periods of time. In this approach, projects are divided into smaller and more manageable chunks of work and each of these chunks are tackled by the team on an individual basis.

This agile approach works exceptionally well for software development efforts (though it is often used in other aspects of IT as well), as it allows the team to develop software in a modular fashion and thus gets the software into the hands of the business quicker. This approach  works well for projects that are not quite fully defined, or projects that have a potential to change during the development process as it provides a built-in mechanism to handle this change by incorporating it into the development process and not waiting until the product has been delivered.

We are experienced agile practitioners and have managed numerous agile development efforts over the last eight years. In addition to this, we have introduced these agile concepts to businesses, large and small, helping them fully understand the benefits and concepts this methodology has to offer, and help them implement this process within their organization.

an overview of the agile development lifecycle